What are your excuses?

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Kat

As trainers we hear it ALL the time…. The excuses that are used for not eating the way we our bodies are designed to eat.

I am too poor, too busy, too sad, and too happy or I’ll eat whatever I want to today and start my healthy life tomorrow. Is that really working? The next day you think and act the same and the days leads into weeks that lead into months and then years. It is time to take action and get your eating habits under control and ditch the excuses.

Here are the top 5 worst excuses and the solutions…….

1. It’s too expensive

Many people think it is VERY expensive to eat healthily and I don’t agree. How much do you spend on a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps as a snack, 3-4 dollars? If you compare that to 1 apple that will cost you less then 1 dollar you’ll actually save money. Swap your snacks from unhealthy fatty/sugary snacks to fresh fruit and vegetables and put the saved money into a jar for a future trip.

Another way to save money is to buy bulk and freeze. This works a treat with lean protein also buy nuts in bulk as that is much cheaper. Stick to fruit and vegetables that are in season as they are massively reduced in price.

2. I am too busy

A busy lifestyle hits most of us pretty much all the time, long hours at work, family that wants and need your constant attention and all the other social events with friends. Our busy life will not ease off so you have to work with it. To bring a piece of fruit and some nuts as a snack to work is faster than heading to the shop and buy a large latte with 3 sugars and a caramel slice as an afternoon snack. It’s the same thing regarding your lunches, make a salad the night before, bring it to work and go to the park and have your lunch in peace and quiet, or head down to a busy food court to get some “crappy” fast food. What is better for your future health and wellbeing? This will also give you more energy to cope with the busy day.

3. I had a bad day

Ohhhh….. we all have those days. You getting hammered with work from your boss, you had a fight with your best friend and missed the bus home plus it’s raining which means that you will be soaked to the bone as you have to wait for the next bus. “I had such a bad day and to make me feel better I will pick up a SUPER size Mars bar as I deserve it after this horrible day”. Do you think this will make you feel better? I don’t think so, it will make you feel bloated and a bit stressed out because you fell for temptation. This is all about controlling your emotions and coming up with a solution next time you have a bad day. You might need to hit the gym, ring a friend or watch a funny movie to make you feel better.

4. I deserve a treat

This is what I call a celebratory eater in contrast to the emotional eater (I had a bad day). You will find any excuses to treat yourself as a reward for e.g. workout session, new promotion at work, your friend just had a baby, you ate really well yesterday.

The truth is that yes, you do deserve a treat; what you do not deserve is to punish your poor body by feeding it crap and junk. Instead of celebrating your achievements (or someone else’s) with cake or wine, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a massage or some new clothes.

5. Diets don’t work for me

I totally agree….. Diet is almost the worst word in the world. It rings really badly in my ears. As a trainer you hear that word come out of people’s mouths all the time. “Have you heard about the new diet….. the banana diet/raw food diet/Chinese study/take this pill and you can eat what you want and loose weight/Atkins”  the list goes on and on.

Trying every fad diet that comes around is very unlikely to achieve long-lasting results or leave you feeling great. Instead approach the way you eat as a long term life style change, be consistent and make the right choices for you and your body.

I always say “treat food as a natural source of medication and fuel the body the way it is meant to be fuelled.” And that is “base your food intake on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar”. Sounds pretty simple……

Time to stop the excuses and feed your body the right way forever.

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