[VIDEO] Dan’s Take on the Carb Debate

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Dan

About Dan

I’m one of our resident Exercise Physiologists, and also an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Level 1 Weightlifting Instructor. Outside of the gym, I tend to go in search of good food and great coffee. And yes, Dan’s Shoulder Stretch is mine.
Alright guys, I’ve put together a quick video to answer the burning question that many clients ask me: should I be eating carbs?
With so much conflicting information being reported on whether carbs are the answer or the enemy, it’s understandable that many people are confused about how to include them in their diet.
The answer may surprise you, for some it’s a yes and for others it’s more of a grey area; there is no “óne size fits all” approach when it comes to diet and nutrition. Your personal goals have a huge influence on how you should be approaching your food choices.
For those trying to shift a few kilos, a lower carbohydrate intake will yield faster results whereas clients who have goals based on increasing strength, muscle size and improving fitness performance will need at least some carbohydrate intake to fuel the intensity of their workouts.
This is just a brief summary of what I’ve covered in the video, so sit back and enjoy!
If you have any questions, by all means when we are on the floor, come and have a chat to us.