Straight from the Journals: New study looking at eggs and cholesterol

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“Eating eggs gives you high cholesterol”. Everyone knows that, we’ve heard it for years from our families and friends, the media, and even medical professionals. The research on this issue is far from conclusive. Another study published in the March 2013 volume of the journal “Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental” adds another layer to this story.

The study compared two groups, one who consumed 3 whole eggs daily and the other who consumed an equivalent amount of egg substitute for a period of 12 weeks. The subjects were men with metabolic sydrome who were on a carbohydrate restricted diet (25-30% energy from carbs).

The results showed an increase in HDL (Good) cholesterol for both groups. The whole egg group had a greater increase in HDL (good Cholesterol) as well as greater reductions in totol and medium sized VLDL (very bad) cholesterol particles compared to the Egg subsitute group.  Insulin senstitivy markers were improved for both groups leading the authors to conclude that:

“Incorporating daily whole egg intake into a moderately carbohydrate-restricted diet provides further improvements in the atherogenic lipoprotein  profile (clot forming Lipids) and in insulin resistance in individuals with Metabolic Syndrome” 

A link to this study can be found here.

The demonisation of cholesterol and the notion that dietary cholesterol is a cause of heart disease is in my opinion a costly error of conventional wisdom and popular dietary advice.

The work of Peter Attia in getting to the bottom of this is tough going but essential reading if you want to fully understand this. Part 1 of his 10 part series on the topic can be found here. He wrote a much more accessable summary for which can be found here.







I for one will not be curtailing my 3 egg scramble that I enjoy 3-4 mornings a week any time soon, and I certainly won’t be throwing away the yolk ‘because of the cholesterol!