Sleep Series Part 3: Get Fitter While You’re Sleeping

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Consistently getting a good night’s sleep can improve your Fran time.

Sleep improves training performance both in the short and long term. One example is the workout you do tomorrow can be enhanced by a good night’s sleep tonight, but even more so, your sleep habits over a more prolonged period can improve your overall performance and fitness greatly when compared to a poor sleeper.


We get fitter when we are sleeping. You may ask yourself how can that be; all you’re doing is lying there?

When we are training, we create the stimulus to get fitter, but it’s when we are at rest, and particularly when we are sleeping, that our bodies are actually making the physical changes to our cells and muscles that make us fitter and stronger.

To consistently get good sleep is to consistently give your body the environment it needs to optimally adapt to the hard work you are doing at the gym. To consistently not do so, unfortunately, means you are missing out on much of the adaptation (fitness) you could be gaining from your program.

Sleep is when hormones favourable for muscle growth and repair are released, rates of protein synthesis increase and is when our bodies rejuvenate and re charge. It’s a factor that is overlooked and represents a good opportunity for many people to improve their performance by enhancing their sleep. If you maintain sleep as a priority, you will spend more time in this rejuvenating, recharging, and body will be changing time. I would wager that if we spent as much time and energy on improving our sleep as we did on improving our Snatch, or muscle up, or (insert movement you are currently obsessing over) we would see greater performance in our athletic endeavours, whether they be CrossFit, team sport, bodybuilding, tennis, triathlon, sprinting etc.

Part 2 of this series dealt with the effect sleep has on appetite and subsequently fat loss. And, part 1 is a great place to start in terms of how you can improve your sleep habits today.



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