Is organic meat worth the splurge?

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Marek

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Unless you’re looking to spend more money on groceries, buying organic food can oftentimes feel useless: Is it really worth splurging on pesticide-free produce and meat?
Switching to a diet of organic meat and produce eliminates the risk of ingesting toxic chemicals. When you choose to eat organic foods, your body will thank you over and over again!
No GMO or Chemicals
Meat and produce saturated with pesticides, herbicides and growth-enhancing hormones present viable health hazards to people who eat them. These chemicals are meant to kill living things, such as insects, fungi and weed and at the same time make the animals grow faster and bigger. They are not meant to be put into the human body. The only way to avoid this is to go organic and know where your meat is coming from.
Good Fats
There has been much recognition of the importance of fats in our diets in recent years. And they do form a very important part of our diet, but it’s essential that we eat the right ones – or more importantly that we eat the right balance to help ensure great health, longevity and freedom from modern day diseases. Essential fatty acids are named so as they are required in biological processes in our bodies, as opposed to fats that are for storing and providing energy.  Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are such fats, and it is the balance of these essential fatty acids that is important.
More Vitamins
Vitamin levels are naturally maintained in organic food. In fact, organically grown meat and produce contain nearly 50 percent more nutrients than foods that are genetically modified or contain chemicals.
Good Taste
Organic tastes good.  This is the simple message given by those who eat organic.  It gives you the satisfaction of eating meat and produce as nature intended you to!
Eating organic meats may not be the secret to good health, but the benefits of going organic are real and, in some cases, fairly significant.