Meal Prep Like A Boss

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Jade Loney
Jade Loney

About Jade Loney

I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness (I’m currently studying nutritional medicine.) However, it wasn’t until I started training at Ignite that I fell in love with CrossFit and the awesome community that came with it. CrossFit has helped me reassess what fitness means to me and shifted my focus to performance. The human body continually amazes me with what it is capable of and that fascination is what led me to become a trainer; to help others find their own strength and confidence! I’d love to make it to Regionals one day but even if I don’t, I’ll have enjoyed every step of the chase. If I’m not working I’m usually here training so if you see me on the floor please say hi! I don’t bite that much. 🙂
Preparation is the key to success in any endeavor and meal prepping is a sure fire way to keep you on track with your healthy eating goals!
I personally choose one day at the start/end of the week and one day midweek (usually Tuesdays and Friday – the weekend is my work week!) and spend about 90 minutes on batch cooking and preparing my meals for the next three or four days ahead. This cuts down on my cooking time over the next few days significantly and gets me out of the door quicker every morning.
Here are my top five tips to help make your meal prep a success:
1. Make a plan and stick to your grocery list.
Decide in advance which recipes you’ll be making in your meal prep, write a list of ingredients and the amounts you will need. Do NOT deviate from the list; you are on a meal prep mission, and you don’t need extra snacks!
If you go in without a plan you’re likely to end up making less than ideal choices about what recipes to make and under-buying or over-buying your ingredient amounts.
2. Invest in well sized, reusable containers.
Think about buying some good quality Tupperware / containers. You’ll be using these over and over again and you’ll need a variety of different sizes to accommodate different sized meal portions and snack foods.
3. Batch cook your eggs and your stir-fries, but not your salads.
Certain foods can be prepared in advance and reheated, and some definitely taste better when they’re fresh. I batch cook 3-4 omelettes at a time and eat them over several days, I find that eggs taste just as good reheated as they do fresh! However a fresh salad should be exactly that, fresh. Along with preparing omelettes, stir-fries, soups etc in advance, I also chop and package (in those awesome reusable containers I invested in) various vegetables that I can quickly throw together as a salad or snack. I keep them in the fridge, right where I can easily see them at eye level so I don’t forget to use them.
4. Invest in a slow cooker.
Buying a slow cooker changed my life! It is the most simple and quick way to cook delicious bulk meals. A few times a week, I throw a bulk pack of breast chicken in the slow cooker and let it cook overnight or while I’m out during the day, and voila! In 6-8 hours I have the next three days worth of chicken, perfectly cooked, ready to be shredded and stored in the fridge, to be used in salads or stir-fries or for anything else. Other favourites are pulled pork, Bolognese, and Indian butter chicken.
5. Have a back up plan.
We all have those days… you get home from work, it’s been a long day and you know you should eat that healthy meal that you have organised but in reality you’re craving takeaway. Have a few meals ready to go in the freezer that will help satisfy the craving for something different, but will also keep you from eating something much more detrimental to your efforts – like a takeaway pizza or burger and chips! It might be a healthy(ish) homemade pasta, or pizza.
Happy meal prepping!