A look inside the Good to Great Program

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About PJ

It’s a satisfying feeling to be part of a team that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. I graduated from Health and Sports Science in 2004 as an Exercise Physiologist. It’s my job at Ignite to do whatever I can to ensure our clients are using Ignite and getting the great results that everyone wants.
Our next Good to Great program is starting on Monday 9th July. 
The Good to Great program is a 4 week online nutrition and lifestyle program designed to give you the knowledge and tools that you need to get on top of the key ‘outside of the gym’ factors like nutrition, sleep and minimising stress to set you on the path to achieving your health, fitness and body composition goals.
It’s changes made to these areas that make the biggest difference with your results which is why we’ve coined the program ‘Good to Great’.
We recommend that anyone who hasn’t done the program jump on board to not only be exposed to this potentially life changing information but to implement it and feel the benefits for yourself.


Here’s what program graduate Steven G had to see when he emailed Darren and I out of the blue in May this year.

“Just wanted to let you know how I’m going after the end of our last G2G, at the end of which I finally reached my goal of being under 20% fat mass  – for the first time in YEARS!

I just wanted to thank you again for setting me on the right path to better health.

I thought I’d go in for a DEXA scan, just to see how I’m tracking, post G2G.

When I came first to see you last year I was 24.6% and today I’m down to 15.3%” – Steven G (pictured)


Good to Great participants gain access to a 13 part video series that forms the content of the program, the titles of which you can see below, you also gain access to a regularly updated closed Facebook group for participants to guide you through the formal 4 week duration of the program… though it’s our hope that you’ll continue with many the changes you make indefinitely.
Possibly the post valuable part of the program is the opportunity to complete a daily food journal for weekly submission to your G2G coach for individualised feedback on what you can tweak to hit your goal.



Video 1 : Meet You’re Coaches + Understanding the Program [4:22]

Video 2 : Educate, Commit, Implement + Who Gets the Best Results [6:03]

Video 3 : Why Focusing on Food Is the Answer + How & Why This Program Works [4:41]


Video 4 : When to Eat and Why [9:43]

Video 5 : Should You Snack between Meals and Why [6:44]


Video 6 : Start with the Most Satiating Food and Why [9:25]

Video 7 : Grandma was Right [6:19]

Video 8 : How to Be a Natural Fat Burner [7:24]


Video 9 : Remove These Foods and You Will Rock Your Goals [7:08]

Video 10 : Beware of These Also [9:08]


Video 11 : Now Let’s Set our Goals and Guidelines [8:34]

Video 12 : Our Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Make Taking Action Easier [15:00]

The schedule for the release of our MASTERCLASS SERIES are released as follows:

Week 1: Sleep Masterclass

Week 2: Stress Masterclass

Week 3: Movement Masterclass

If you want in or have questions regarding the Good to Great program simply email me at pj@ignitehealth.com.au
We are super keen to help you achieve your goals.
FYI. There is a small fee for participation – it’s part of the commitment.