Fruit juice jellies

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Nadine

About Nadine

I love working with the team that we have at Ignite. There is a strong work ethic, but we know how to have fun together too. Working and training with people who are passionate about the same things as me is priceless. I’ve been lucky enough to have competed in the CrossFit Games at ‘The Ranch’ in 2009.
Many people struggle with their ‘sweet tooth’ and find it hard to stay away from lollies or chocolate, especially as energy levels start to deplete in the afternoon, or when searching for ‘something else’ after dinner.
Fruit Juice Jellies might just be the answer.  They’re not too sweet, but sweet enough to curb the cravings and they have some health benefits too!  Made with a high quality gelatin jellies can actaully be a great post workout snack as they are full of protein and are great way to get some collagen into your diet.
One other plus: like all of the recipes I post, I am all about saving time and you just need 5 mins to prepare these jellies!
½ cup of fruit juice of choice (I usually use pulp-free OJ)
½ cup of water
2 tablespoons of gelatin
1 drop of lemon essential oil (optional)
Pour fruit juice and water into a saucepan.  Sprinkle the gelatin evenly over the liquid until it ‘blooms’.  Gently heat the liquid and stir until the gelatin has dissolved – don’t let it get too hot or boil.
Remove from heat, add one drop of lemon essential oil (optional) & stir.
Pour into a glass dish or silicone moulds and put in the fridge until set.  Slice into squares or pop out of moulds and they’re ready to go!