The Best Piece of Fitness Advice You’ll Get This Year

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Dan

About Dan

I’m one of our resident Exercise Physiologists, and also an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Level 1 Weightlifting Instructor. Outside of the gym, I tend to go in search of good food and great coffee. And yes, Dan’s Shoulder Stretch is mine.
Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! I haven’t seen many of you since I got back into the country, but we’ll get there…
Anyways, I digress. It’s that time of year where everyone reflects on a year gone by, sits next to their vision board (complete with rainbows, unicorns and pretty fonts), and plans for the year ahead.
One of the most common themes that come from these reflection sessions is “health,” or “fitness,” or “performance” (or some manifestation of those words). In a nutshell, most people want to make health and fitness a priority.
I’m cool with that, until the vision board looks like this:
1. Lose 10kg
2. Put on 10kg of muscle
3. Run a half marathon
4. Home cook every meal
5. Reduce blood pressure
6. Hit a double bodyweight squat
7. Do pilates twice a week
8. Do yoga twice a week
9. Get outdoors every weekend
[I’ve had a conversation like this with someone already – if you wanted to put on muscle why would you sign up for a half marathon???]
As Promised, the Best Piece of Fitness Advice You’ll Get this Year
“Find that one thing that you really want to do, and then stick to that one thing for the full year. No deviating.”
It’s that simple. It’s just that nobody actually believes it’s that simple.
[A little secret here: 90% of people cite weight loss, health and fitness/performance in their initial coaching sessions with us. In other words, make everything better. However, focusing singularly on fat loss will improve health, fitness and performance more than any other change you can make.]
What Your Vision Board Should Look Like [A Female Fat Loss Example]
My top priority for 2019 is:
  • Reduce body fat to <18%
What do I need to complete this (resources)?
  • Gym membership/coach
  • Nutrition program
  • Money (to cover costs of coaching/memberships etc.)
  • Time
How do I complete this (recipe)?
  • Weekly time commitment (4 hours gym/wk + 1.5hrs food preparation time)
  • Find and join gym (complete by Sunday)
  • Book nutritionist/coach for nutrition plan (complete by Sunday)
  • Have a conversation with family/friends/social group. Explain what you’re doing and that you’re committed to it.
  • Follow instructions from coach/nutritionist
In Summary…
Don’t try to do a million and one things at once. Find the single “health and fitness” related priority for you, and then follow the recipe for the entire year.
Often, if you’re really committed, you can make more progress in three months than most can make in a year (or more).
One goal >> build the recipe with your resources (or connect with someone who can) >> implement the recipe CONSISTENTLY. No distractions.