5 ways to stay active over Christmas

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Marek

About Marek

I believe that I haven´t reached my full CrossFit potential and have plenty of room for improvement, as an athlete and as a coach. Becoming a part of Ignite brings me a step closer to fulfilling my dreams and I’ll do my best to help all of you to reach yours.
The holiday break we have all been looking forward to is almost here!
Although the words ‘holiday’ and ‘break’ commonly denote relaxation and downtime, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your fitness and transform into a real-life snowman!
On average Australians gain 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period (Nutrition Australia, 2011) and although this is most usually result of increased food intake, a decrease in exercise is not going to help your cause!
Think back to previous holidays when you have cut all forms of activity (Note: activity does not including laps to the fridge/esky) and focus on how hard it was to get back into routline.
Here are 5 simple ways you can stay active over the break:
1. Spend time in nature – staying active doesn’t necessarily have to involve the gym. Getting out in nature has been proven to decrease the stress hormone cortisol, and it’s easy to see how! Enjoy the summer weather by getting some beach time. Go for long walks, go trekking, or even climb a tree- I guarantee this will make you smile.
2. Ignite is open – don’t forget we are still open over the holiday season and we would love to see you. View our holiday hours here.
3. Play with your kids/grandkids  – this is a great time to spend some time with your kids after a busy year. Walks to see Christmas lights or a game of backyard cricket, could be the perfect way to spend time with little loved ones.
4. Walk more – leave the car parked in front of the house and walk anywhere you go. Not only will this count for incidental exercise but it will benefit your mental health avoiding packed car parks at this time of the year!
5. Don’t spend prolonged time sitting down – and remember a short workout will not outweigh the rest of the day on the couch!
Remember, staying active doesn’t have to be strict and complicated. Be mindful and enjoy your downtime!