5 simple hacks to give you the edge on fat loss

Weight Loss & Nutrition
By Marek

About Marek

I believe that I haven´t reached my full CrossFit potential and have plenty of room for improvement, as an athlete and as a coach. Becoming a part of Ignite brings me a step closer to fulfilling my dreams and I’ll do my best to help all of you to reach yours.
The slow process of fat loss can be a tough slog. It requires patience, dedication, consistency and hard work. There are many variables at play and everyone is different, but let’s have a look at 5 simple hacks to give you the edge heading into the new year.
1. Use Food as a Nourishment:
It is very easy to think you can ‘treat yourself’ with food if you are training regularly. But people very often overestimate the calories burned during a session and underestimate the calories they eat. Be careful with your portions so you don’t accidentally eat more than you need to. For long term success food needs to be thought about as nourishment for your body, only eating as much as it needs – not a treat for your hard work in the gym or because you have been good. Keep a food journal for couple of days to see what your eating habits are and where you can make improvements.
2. Stay Away from Carbs: 
There is a common belief and many articles suggest that we need to eat carbs (think oatmeal, sport drink, bread, etc…) to provide energy for our training. All of these high carb foods are also packed with calories and minimal nutrients which will negate the energy deficit of your training and hence stop the fat burning effect. Eating high carb foods around your training means that your body will have to burn through the carbs instead of using stored fat and you will never truly get into a fat burning mode.
3. Sort Out Your Sleep:
There are studies that report the link between lack of sleep and higher body fat percentage. This is mainly due to the hormonal imbalance from poor sleeping habits. Getting into a habit of a healthy shutdown routine before bed and therefore a better night’s sleep will have a positive impact on your body composition without doing anything else. Have a quick read through PJ’s epic sleep series for some more tips on how to get a good night sleep here.
4. Find What Works for You:
Everybody is different and will respond differently to a training stimulus. Find out what works for you best and stick to it. Consistency is the key when it comes to fat loss. If training in the evening isn’t working for whatever reason then make the morning work. Keep tweaking and pay attention to what feels good. Follow your program to the letter and always aim for little bit more every time you are at the gym.
5. Balance the Stress with Fun:
This is a big one as stress alters your hormones and causes your body to store fat because your body releases cortisol which activates the fat-storing enzymes. Also be careful of reaching for food as a stress reliever (high levels of cortisol trigger food intake). There are many ways we can counter-balance stress in our lives such as meditation, exercise, play time.
As with everything, fat loss is a process, make sure you enjoy it along the way.
Always happy to help, just drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap or catch me on the gym floor!