My 3 Latest Strategies to Offset the Holiday Spread

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By darren

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Do you find that travel or a holiday often equals a few extra kilos around the middle on your return.
That’s historically been me.
However, in recent years I have developed strategies to return home without carrying too much extra luggage. If you know what I mean.
This topic really found its importance from a question I asked the participants of our thrice yearly nutrition program (Good to Great).
I asked all the participants why they were doing the program.
And the majority of responses that came back said something to the effect of, “I want to lose the 5 kilos that I put on when I went on my 4 week holiday last year and haven’t yet lost”.
This really got me thinking that weight gain while traveling is a regular issue faced by many.
So I wanted to do my bit by sharing what I have done to offset the holiday spread.
So this topic is something that I have previously written on and re-visit regularly usually as I experiment while abroad or just away from my regular routine.
What follows is by no means an extensive list nor may it be the best strategies for you, but rather the new strategies that I used while on my most recent travels through the Uk and Italy. The image at the top of this article is the playground that we used to do our (almost) daily practice. We also threw in some fat bar pull ups on the swing set, some bench dips on the bench and some partner piggy back step ups on the wall.
While I remember, I encourage you to check out my other strategies in the articles at the bottom to see what’s relevant to you at your stage of the journey.
But for now let’s look at my most recent strategies to offset the holiday spread.
  1. Fasting on the Flights
I heard John Welbourne from Power Athlete Radio (podcast) saying that when he flew he fasted the whole way and only drank water no matter the flight duration. He said it had a few big benefits one being that it did a decent job of offsetting jet lag and the other main one being that he didn’t eat the pre-packaged inflight food.
I thought I’d give this a go so tried this just recently from Sydney to London and it was a winner. Did I get hungry? Yeah a little. But it was fine and I landed feeling clear headed and better than I ever have.
I know for many that the service on the aircraft is all part of the experience. So I will leave it to you to decide if this ones for you.
  1. Fasting Daily Til Lunch
Intermittent Fasting (IF) is quite popular in nutrition circles at the moment. I have a few clients who are playing with a 16:8 method. That’s 16 hour a day fast (usually from 8pm until midday) and an 8 hour eating window. There are lots of reported health benefits to this method but the main benefit for warding off the extra belly baggage is that it moves you into ketosis (ketosis is when the body uses fat as its main fuel).
So I played with some 16:8 method and I feel that it made a huge difference.
It’s this strategy that I believe made the biggest difference to me not carrying too much extra baggage. And it’s the strategy that I believe most people could action most successfully.
I.F. isn’t something that I usually recommend for people doing high intensity exercise (HIIT), however most of us aren’t doing HIIT when travelling so IF definitely an option.
  1. Mini Morning Movement Ritual
One of the worst things about going away for a while is that first session back in the gym. Or is it that first week, or the first two weeks.
I believe much of that pain and misery (the, ‘I feel so heavy’ feeling) can be offset with some regular movement. I call it movement, you might call it exercise. Call it what you like, a simple morning program keeps the joints moving through their range of motion and off sets the creaks and pains of plane travel and sleeping in foreign beds. Plus keeps the metabolism daily ticking over keeping your body somewhat primed.
You can ramp this up of down as much as you like based on your penchant for exercise and having your body feeling good.
But here is what I suggest for a basic practice.
30s-1min each of slow movement through the following 7 Exercises
Cook Squats
Alternating Spiderman Stretches
Squat to Pike
Prone (Face Down) Scorpion
Supine (Face Up) Scorpion
Up Dog Down Dog
Cat Stretch on chair
Then 2-3 times a week throw in the following
5 Rounds of
5 Push Ups (on knees if needed)
10 Towel Rows
15 Body weight Squats
So there are my 3 latest strategies to offset the holiday spread.
Just a reminder that the above is by no means an extensive list nor may it be the best strategies for you.
So I encourage you to check out my other articles below to see what’s in there.
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P.S. For those of you that didn’t get to this article early enough and feel the need to lose the 5 kilos that you previously put on then we will be running our Good to great Nutrition program soon. Keep an eye out for it.