3 Easy Tips to Lose Weight on Holidays

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Contrary to what you might expect lots of people actually lose weight when they go away on holidays!
Their diet is often not as strict and often they stop their exercise program, yet when they come home they’re pleasantly surprised at what the scales say. How can this be?
There’s 3 reasons why this holiday fat loss occurs and it’s something that you can tap into with your next holiday.
1) Stress disappears…
You’re more relaxed than you’ve been all year. No email, less screen time, massages, evening strolls and good sleep. Reducing stress makes our body more dependent on fat for energy and less dependent on sugar.
2) You sleep better than they have all year…
Worries of the world gone, tired from a day spent on your feet and hopefully a good comfy mattress, linen and pillow means better sleep! This helps fat loss by feeding into the benefits of less stress and helping regulate appetite and hunger signalling.
3) You’re moving more than ever…
Perhaps it’s not vigorous exercise, but on holidays many people’s incidental activity from increased walking, exploring new surrounds, swimming, hiking, climbing stairs etc. goes through the roof. This increased time spent at this low level aerobic activity levels is a very effective for increasing our bodies fat burning capacity.
Almost sounds too good to be true, relax, sleep and walk!
But: There’s always a but!
Over indulging while on holidays can over ride the benefits of the above.
If you hit the ‘off switch’  with your healthy eating habits and you’re consistently overeating and over indulging it will inevitably go the other way.
I’m all for relaxing the rules on holidays and do so myself, however I’m not going out of my way to eat poorly and still trying to make good choices most of the time