“We know that urbanlisters value quality and service and will love CrossFit Ignite”.

– Darren | Owner of CrossFit Ignite 

Is CrossFit Ignite right for you? It is if…
  • You’re not totally confident with what to do in the gym, (especially the CrossFit gym) and you want the instruction of a professional trainer to ensure you work out correctly, don’t injure yourself, and get results.
  • You want to be educated on the key things that help you look, feel  and perform better such as food, sleep, training and play, so that you can implement them in your own life with ease.
  • You want a friendly environment where people say hi to each other and there’s no ego.
Three Reasons That Our Clients Choose Ignite Over Other Gyms
1. We design a personalised training program for you. It is coupled with vital nutrition education to help you realistically achieve your fitness goal.
2. We bring you all the benefits of personal training without the cost. You get unlimited training, 7 days a week, for the cost of roughly a single personal training session.
3. No lock-in contractsBS joining fees or cancellation fees. Cancel any time.
Hanna F - Media Relations
I also tried another CrossFit who are half the price of Ignite. There was no comparison. Ignite trainers are excellent & probably the biggest point of difference - both number of & quality of.
Hanna F - Media Relations
Shaun H - Advertising
I was really impressed with the team and also their approach after a trial session. It was so different not to get the ‘hard-sell’ from a gym! The cost was pretty much on-par with a regular gym membership coupled with a PT session per week – so it just made sense to join Ignite.
Shaun H - Advertising
Oh, one more thing, if you are nervous about getting started then you’re not alone. Nothing amazing was ever accomplished without taking on a challenge. And we are here to support you in that challenge.
What Should You Do Now?
If all of this sounds like it’s for you, then get click that ‘BOOK FREE TRIAL’ button and you are on your way.
– Darren and the CrossFit Ignite Team.