Where To Start?

Fitness & Training Tips

About PJ

It’s a satisfying feeling to be part of a team that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. I graduated from Health and Sports Science in 2004 as an Exercise Physiologist. It’s my job at Ignite to do whatever I can to ensure our clients are using Ignite and getting the great results that everyone wants.
I want to be healthy.
I want to lose a few kilos.
I want to improve my strength and fitness.
I want to have more energy and I want to feel and look good.
When I sit down with new clients at Ignite and ask what they want to achieve these are what I hear time and time again.
In this post I aim to help you identify where you can best direct your efforts to ensure you’re moving towards these goals.
The process is easy
– Below I have outlined what I see as the big 5 habits that need to be tackled to achieve any of the above goals.
– There will be habits that you are better at and some that need work if you are serious about those goals of yours.
– It’s often overwhelming and hard to know where to start. My suggestion is always to start with just one.
“Start with the habit that needs the most work as that is where you will get the biggest and fastest return for your efforts.” – PJ
Note: We’re here to help too. Don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments.
1) Quit Smoking
If you’re a smoker this really needs to be top of your priority list to reclaim your health. Everybody is aware of the ill-effects of smoking from early onset of wrinkles and premature ageing as well as being related to just about every serious disease known from cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and the list goes on.
2) Sleep at least 7 hours a night
More on this HERE. This hugely underrated factor will have positive knock on effects to all of the other changes listed below. It is not a typo that it is above nutrition and training.
3a) Eat Whole Foods.
More on what to eat to get started HERE and HERE. Your ability to consistently nourish yourself with a diet consisting primarily of whole foods in a way that works for you is essential to look, feel and perform to your full potential.
b) On the flip side of eating whole foods is addressing any unhealthy relationship with hyper-palatable, highly processed foods, alcohol, soft drink and energy drinks.
More about hyper-palatable food HERE
4) Move Lots:
Regularly break up prolonged sitting time with walking, lifting heavy things (including yourself), hiking, cycling, swimming, climbing, standing up at work, yoga, stretching, sprinting, dancing. More on this HERE.
5) Have Fun and Unwind:  
Make ‘you time’ a priority. Yes, you deserve it!, and no, your time isn’t better spent doing something ‘productive’. De-stressing is productive and should be be viewed as a  a PERFORMANCE ENHANCER!
Making time to nourish and renew yourself with the things that make you feel alive and free is an important part of being healthy.
If you are an Ignite client then I recommend that you take the opportunity to sit down with me every 3-4 months and discuss how we can work together to faster achieve your goals and maintain them for longer.