Three exercises you never knew you needed… but definitely do.

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By Jade Loney
Jade Loney

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I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness (I’m currently studying nutritional medicine.) However, it wasn’t until I started training at Ignite that I fell in love with CrossFit and the awesome community that came with it. CrossFit has helped me reassess what fitness means to me and shifted my focus to performance. The human body continually amazes me with what it is capable of and that fascination is what led me to become a trainer; to help others find their own strength and confidence! I’d love to make it to Regionals one day but even if I don’t, I’ll have enjoyed every step of the chase. If I’m not working I’m usually here training so if you see me on the floor please say hi! I don’t bite that much. 🙂
Everyone has at least one or two (or more!) exercises in their program that make them think “why am I even doing this?” or “I know this is good for me but I’m not really sure why…”.
I thought I’d give you guys an overview of three exercises that I often hear clients question.
DBX: the dumbbell external rotation trains the small muscles in the shoulder girdle that perform the external rotation of your arm.

A lack of external rotation is at the root of many shoulder problems as the external rotators act as stabilisers for all of the upper body movements we perform.
Strong and stable external rotators reinforce good posture, so this movement is particularly beneficial for people looking to improve their posture (rounded back or sloped shoulders anyone?).
Standard to aim for: 10 reps (each arm) at 9% of your 1RM bench press.
If you find that you have one shoulder that is weaker than the other, always start your set with this arm and use the same weight with the same number of reps for your stronger arm to help balance out any asymmetry.
Loaded carries: think farmer’s carry / sandbag carries and all of their variations.

There are SO MANY benefits to these movements guys!
While doing a loaded carry, your body is under a high level of tension for a significant amount of time; this time under tension stimulate muscular growth in the upper back and trapezius.
Loaded carries are excellent for training grip and midline strength, which transfers over to other pulling movements such as deadlifts, pull ups and the olympic lifts.
They also improve conditioning, work capacity and mental toughness. Carrying heavy objects is hard work! When your forearms are burning and your abs are starting to cramp, can you still hold on?
You’ll be forced to be mindful of your posture, breathing and complete coordination of your body in a singular movement.
Standard to aim for: 50m carry at bodyweight.
Experiment with different types of carries to ensure you are getting the most out of the movement.
Turkish Get Ups: As your body is forced to stabilise a weight overhead through a series of movements across multiple planes, your brain is in overdrive!
You are required to slow down and consciously think about how you move, which promotes overall body awareness, balance and coordination.
TGU’s are also phenomenal for building a strong midline and stable, mobile shoulders.
Standard to aim for: 3RM (each side) of 30% of your bodyweight.
If you’re new to Turkish get ups, start with a light weight and master the movement pattern first, then work on gradually increasing the weight over time.
So there it is guys, three exercises that you may have thought about skipping over in your program, that are actually extremely beneficial!
If you have any other movements you’d like to know more about feel free to grab any one of us when we’re on the floor and have a chat.

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