Is this the Sleeping Giant in your Approach?

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It’s a satisfying feeling to be part of a team that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. I graduated from Health and Sports Science in 2004 as an Exercise Physiologist. It’s my job at Ignite to do whatever I can to ensure our clients are using Ignite and getting the great results that everyone wants.
If someone was to ask me what’s the most underrated part of the health equation is, without a doubt my answer would be sleep!
It’s something anyone who has worked closely with me would have heard me talk about with great enthusiasm and something I’ve written about at length.
Have a little extra time on your hands at the moment? Invest some time learning why and how improving your sleep can help accelerate your progress towards your goals! …. and just so you know, each subtitle below has a link to more info and tips to help dig deeper and investigate this important topic further
Why is sleep important?
Poor sleep= More hunger and reduced fullness when eating <>: There is a correlation between poor sleep and obesity and vice versa which definitely caught everyone’s attention in this post.
Better mental function and coping mechanisms <>:  Sleep improves memory retention, cognitive function and the ability to manage stress.
Improved training adaptation and performance <>: Your body is making the internal changes that make you fitter at a faster rate while you are asleep. In the gym, you give your body the stimulus to get fitter. It is actually happening when you are asleep. Make sure you get some!
Okay, I get it, it’s important.
How do I improve it?
Turn off the TV, Internet and smartphone after dark <>: Our shutdown rituals, i.e. what we do before bed, have a huge bearing on the quality and duration of our sleep. Aim to replace digital stimulation which creates an alert, awake state, to shutdown rituals that are relaxing, enriching and grounding.
Keep consistent sleep and wake patterns <>: Our bodies have a natural rhythm for sleeping and waking, that when honoured will have immense benefits for sleep quality and duration.
Create a good sleep environment. This one didn’t get its own blog post. It’s almost so obvious it’s easy to forget about. A good sleep environment is dark, cool, quiet and comfortable. Does your bedroom tick these 4 boxes? If not what do you need to do to change it? A new pillow, light cancelling curtains, no LCD display on the alarm clock, ear plugs, fly screen windows to allow more air. All these things can be manipulated to afford you the best sleep environment possible.
Enjoy your Zzzz’s folks