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By darren

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I am lucky enough to do everyday what I love. Working with motivated passionate coaches and clients who share my vision for a healthy, fit and grateful modern world. Staying abreast of best practices, implementing what I learn in my own life so that I can then teach those around me is what gets me up early on cold dark Winters mornings. I'd be keen to assist you when you are ready.
I caught up with a trainer friend of mine last week (Dave, who also has a small independent gym), we were sharing stories of clients who got amazing results in 2016.
When I say, amazing results, I’m talking about things they had been working towards for months or even years with little or no progress. Then all of a sudden, ‘BOOM’. Friggin amazing results!
So Dave and I were throwing round some ideas as to how this happens, and I believe we have the answer.
It’s an answer that you can use to get your very own, ‘BOOM’ friggin amazing results!
But for most of us, most of the time it’s not BOOM time.
Rather it’s a hard slog.
Feeling like you are battling against all the elements (work, family, relationships, animals, money, time, dinner, stuff, etc etc).
Everything is screaming for your attention. And you can’t get it all done.
You feel like you are doing all the right things but just can’t quite pull it all together to get the momentum to move forward… fast enough.
That feeling of swimming up stream and going nowhere is frustrating and demoralising and can make you want to give up.
Especially, when you see other people around you succeeding with what seems like little effort.
What are they doing that you’re not doing?
What they’re doing that you may not be doing is what Dave and I identified last Thursday.
It’s so simple in design but for some reason so difficult in application.
Here’s what Dave and I identified those people are doing different that all of a sudden are getting, ‘BOOM’ friggin amazing results!
  1. Getting clear on what they want to achieve (setting a goal)
  2. Understanding what the 3 most influential behaviours that they need to change to achieve their goal. HINT: sometimes the most influential behaviours are not things they need to do but things they need to stop doing.
  3. Forgetting the goal; focussing on the behaviours not the goal; making the behaviours daily habits, getting them ingrained as they will be the things that get them to their goal in BOOM time
  4. Treat everyday as a new day; if they mess up they start again, they never give up, they don’t get angry or frustrated; they understand that an amazing year comes from put amazing months together, amazing weeks together, amazing days together and amazing hours together
  5. And they surround themselves with others who support them
None of that is new information to you though, is it?
Like me, did you know most of if not all of that already?
So if you already have all the info, why aren’t you getting ‘BOOM’ friggin amazing results!
Why aren’t you at the bodyweight you desire, or the daily energy levels that are kick arse.
Because it’s tough to implement these 5 strategies. It takes energy, support, leadership and focus. None of which come easy.
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