Prioritising and Planning pays dividends for Eduardo and Cris

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It’s a satisfying feeling to be part of a team that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. I graduated from Health and Sports Science in 2004 as an Exercise Physiologist. It’s my job at Ignite to do whatever I can to ensure our clients are using Ignite and getting the great results that everyone wants.
Congrats to Cris and Eduardo who’ve recently achieved some great results both in terms of their strength and fitness in the gym and also recent reductions in their  waistlines and Body Fat %
After a shaky start to the year with their training consistency and food prep, I asked Eduardo and Cris to answer a few questions together about how they’ve managed to turn things around and what is working so well for them right now:
What were some of the challenges you were facing in establishing training consistency and a good routine with your food and training? 
When it comes to training, I guess the main issue was figuring out how to prioritise it against all the other things we need to get done. I felt we were pushing training too low in our priority list and letting our sense of urgency command our actions. 
When it comes to food, our main problem was in not knowing what to plan for. That would lead to last-minute decisions, which were largely bad choices.
What have you changed / put in place to establish a consistent routine with these things?
We are parents of a 2-year old, so we went through a lengthy trial-and-error approach until we reached a point we both felt we had a fair agreement for excusing ourselves from our parenting duties for some gym time. We went through a few arrangements, but the most curious aspect I observed was that we had to sacrifice flexibility to achieve consistency. That was never the case when we didn’t have a child, as we were pretty used to improvising and everything seemed to work fine. Today we know what days and times each one of us goes to the gym with military discipline, and, to our surprise, that turned out to be a great thing. 
With food, we had to understand once and for all, we have to know today what we will eat exactly a week from now. If we leave too much for improvisation, things go trashy. The surprising thing here is how unaware we were to the range of possibilities out there for people who wish to create good habits – from meal prep apps to meal kit and delivery services and online grocery shopping lists. The challenge then was to balance a triangle of convenience, quality and cost under the influence of how busy we are at any particular week. But regardless of what we choose, we always know what we’re eating next week, that is the key.
What tips would you share for others out there who are facing similar challenges to those you and Cris were facing?
– Being a new parent is hard and finding balance takes time. It’s a never-ending journey I guess, but it gets better if you keep communication open. 
– Trial-and-error is fine at this stage, in fact, it may be the only way. 
– You have to know today what you are going to eat exactly a week from now.
Thanks so much to Eduardo and Cris for sharing. i particularly liked the line:
I felt we were pushing training too low in our priority list and letting our sense of urgency command our actions” .  
I think is incredibly insightful and instructive for those facing similar challenges in establishing or re establishing their exercise routine.