9 Reasons to Supplement with Magnesium

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By Marek

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Magnesium is becoming the go to supplement for busy active people.
And here is why…
As busy professionals we are always trying to squeeze it all in and still get to bed at a reasonable hour to get rested and recovered so we can do it all gain tomorrow and deal with all life has to throw at us.
We all know that it’s not great to constantly run our bodies in high gear, revving it hard most of the hours we are awake, however, modern life seems to happen hard and fast and it’s not slowing down. The effects of this speed of life in turn hammers our adrenals which then effects digestion and a bunch of other low performance spin offs.
Many believe Magnesium may just be the answer to offset many of these high speed high stress lifestyle factors.
Magnesium is involved in over 300 chemical reactions in the body most importantly for busy active people keeping muscles relaxed, fine tuning the nervous system, formation of healthy bones, improving insulin sensitivity and heart function.
Basically, the busier you are the more magnesium you need. Magnesium helps calm and focus you! What more evidence do you need than that.
It has been reported that up to 80% of people are magnesium deficient and an even higher proportion of active people.
If you are still not convinced to get onto a magnesium supplement, here is a bunch of more reason why magnesium is on the top of our list:
  1. Helps You Recover Faster – it aids in the process of energy production
  2. Makes You Happier – magnesium deficiency magnifies depression and stress
  3. Keeps You Looking Younger – being magnesium deficient will speed up your ageing process by protecting and replicating your DNA  
  4. Makes You Smarter – magnesium is a neuro-protective agent and so protects your brain health
  5. Improves Your Sleep – magnesium has a calming effect and will help you fall asleep easier and sleep deeper
  6. Regulates Your Hunger – your body needs magnesium to absorb and utilise nutrients from the food you eat. A common theory relates to chocolate cravings “Do you crave chocolate? Chocolate is rich in magnesium, so strong cravings could indicate a deficiency in this very important mineral”
  7. Helps Your Digestion – magnesium deficiency slows down bowel movements and causing constipation. (little hint – too much magnesium makes your stool loose)
  8. Helps Your Body Cope with Stress – highly driven individuals, like most of you are, are prone to magnesium deficiency. The more stressed you are the more magnesium is used up and therefore needed
  9. Help to Make You Lean – it assists in metabolising carbs, proteins and fats to help keep us fit and lean
Probably the biggest and most immediate effect felt when your first start to supplement with magnesium (and my favourite) is how it helps you go to sleep and sleep deeply, waking feeling much more rested. Then there is the added benefit of the amazing dreams that you actually remember.
If you currently don’t take any supplements and your fall into our busy active person description above, I suggest trying a month of magnesium.
You can get decent magnesium at any health food store or you we have a powdered magnesium that is the goods.
Always keen to chat about any questions you might have. Nothing is ever too small.
Hola back with any questions you might have on your training, nutrition or lifestyle. We are here to help!!