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Fitness & Training Tips
By Laura

About Laura

I have a Masters in Exercise Physiology for Sydney Uni but nothing makes me happier than to help people achieve the goals they set out for…and then some! There’s no mistaking me in the gym, I’m the one with a rather loud voice and huge smile on my face.
Some of you who know me may think I’m mad.
You know crazy in the head type mad.
Well this may prove you right!

On Saturday 25th June I will be walking from Otford to Bundeena with some of my favourite people. Those people are YOU!


Thats right. I’m after recruits to join me and my peeps on the 26 km day long trek up some of N.S.W. most beautiful coast line.  
Its the Coast Track hike in The Royal National Park.
I’ve already been harassing people in the gym to join me and I have roped several in already. [She says with a cunning smile of a Cheshire cat].
Some have asked “What’s the charity?”  
There isn’t one! This is a personal endeavour, a chance for a whole bunch of us to be really proud to tick the box [????Complete] on something that is an amazing chance to express our fitness and share some great times.
I won’t lie to you. It won’t be a walk in the park (actually, that’s technically a lie) there are some steep sections along the way, approximately 5kms of the total 26kms and predominantly in the first half. However, the feedback on the interwebs is that it’s recommended to complete in one day for anyone of average fitness level and some bushwalking experience.

Here’s what the day will look like: SATURDAY the 25TH of JUNE

Temp: 6-17 degrees
Weather: Gorgeous, sunny winter day in Sydney of course! (I plan to do it even if it’s raining)
Itinerary: (multiple train station suggestions so that we can all meet on the same train. There are not many trains to Otford at that hour so this is best timed not too long after sunrise)
06:29 Central Station (depart)
  • I can provide other station times for this train
07:28 Otford Station (our destination)
  • 15 minute breaks every 2 hours for food
16:30 Arrive at Bundeena (high fives, hugs and feelings of accomplishment)
17:00 Bundeena Ferry to Cronulla
17:45 Restaurant booking (Cronulla)
19:02 Cronulla Station (depart)
19:53 Central Station (arrive home and more hugs)
What to wear: active comfortable light weight layers and good quality walking shoes
What to bring: PLENTY of water, lunch as well as snacks and fruit (more on this to come)

What I’m After:    

25 friends (that need be only half as crazy as me) to join me on this Outdoor Adventure


Below, is a link to the National Parks info on The Coast Track.
Note: I’ll be more than prepared on the day detailed itinerary of the walk outline and I’ll just generally be the safety officer and hike support 😉
If you’re keen to know any more info or just want to tell me how excited you are to be joining this adventure please email: