Why Is It Important To Just Focus On Yourself

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By Marek

About Marek

I believe that I haven´t reached my full CrossFit potential and have plenty of room for improvement, as an athlete and as a coach. Becoming a part of Ignite brings me a step closer to fulfilling my dreams and I’ll do my best to help all of you to reach yours.
Social media is everywhere and if used correctly it’s great tool how to connect with your friends and audience. But many of us get often caught in someone else’s life, how perfect they are and lose track of who we are and forget to live our lives.
Let’s have look at an example how this would look like.
You get up at 6am to do your training, you’ve hit a PR on one of your lifts. At work you smash through every meeting, get all your emails done plus get the stuff you were postponing for ages done. Then you get home to enjoy your time with the family.
Just before you get to bed you open your Instagram and the very first feed you see is feed of your old school friend who just bought new mercedes and is off for holidays in Tahiti. Suddenly what was an amazing day for you is turned into shit and you are going to bed all depressed and angry instead of happy and content with what you achieved.
Now this can be anything from losing weight, lifting heavy, holidays etc.
People will claim it’s motivating, but I have yet to see that actually be true – all I’ve ever seen is frustration and discouragement and a reduction in focus and hunger. If you can truly use it as fuel for motivation, then knock yourself out. But be sure about that.
There is only one person’s life you can control and that yours. You have the the power to affect the life and mindset of only one person, you.