How Your Attitude Towards Training Reflects Your Attitude In Life

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I am lucky enough to do everyday what I love. Working with motivated passionate coaches and clients who share my vision for a healthy, fit and grateful modern world. Staying abreast of best practices, implementing what I learn in my own life so that I can then teach those around me is what gets me up early on cold dark Winters mornings. I'd be keen to assist you when you are ready.

The way people train at the gym is often a reflection of how they function in their daily life. The people that arrive at class late, forget their shoes, argue with trainers or cancel sessions are usually also unreliable at work, struggle with communication and miss appointments. Others come in to the gym on time, want to work hard, listen to advice and support the other clients while also achieving what they set out to do. Committing to a regular gym routine can often have a positive flow on effect to other areas in your life.

Over the next two articles I will explore how your mental attitude towards the gym can be transferred over into work, your relationship with others and your relationship with yourself.
“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

Reliability/ Organisation – Booking in your gym appointments and arriving to the gym on time (or early to warm up) can get you into the habit of being punctual with friends, managing your time more efficiently at work and making promises you intend to keep.

Goal Setting – Many clients tell you they want to be able to do a strict pullup, or a double body-weight back squat, but actually having the patience and appropriate planning is a completely different story. Working with the trainers and setting yourself small achievable goals along the journey can help you plan out other achievements in your life. Whether it is a major project at work, booking an overseas holiday or starting a new hobby you have always been interested in.

Confidence/ Belief – Many clients start at the gym and don’t think they will ever be able to do things such as muscle ups, or handstands, or even just push up (especially if they were never athletic as children). But overtime they improve and they work hard on it and they achieve what they once thought impossible and it is remarkable how much confidence it gives them. Self-belief can do wonderful things in your life and having the courage to follow what really interests you can help you lead a happier life.

Integrity/ Pride in Your Work – As you strive to make every rep of squats in the gym the best you can, or make sure every pullup is right over the top of the bar, think how this can translate to everything else you do in your life. Take a little extra time and care to put out the best work you possibly can and be proud of your achievements in life.

Next article will look at how your training can help you improve your relationship with yourself.

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