Developing A Healthy Relationship With Pain & Injury

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By darren

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I am lucky enough to do everyday what I love. Working with motivated passionate coaches and clients who share my vision for a healthy, fit and grateful modern world. Staying abreast of best practices, implementing what I learn in my own life so that I can then teach those around me is what gets me up early on cold dark Winters mornings. I'd be keen to assist you when you are ready.
I’ve had several injuries in the last 10 years from training, from knees, to shoulders to a re-occurring lumber disc injury that’s with me at the moment.
Which is why I thought it would be a good time to share my tips on staying positive when injuries occur.
For some reason I have been able to develop a healthy relationship with injuries. When an injury happens I see it as a gift.
Here are my tips for crushing injuries. Only you can heal yourself.
Find a therapist who you resonate with. It often doesn’t matter what discipline they practice. Don’t just expect them to fix it. That job is yours.
Here’s how!
Understand the injury as best you can. How did this happen? WHat’s going on in my body?
You need to be able to explain to someone else why you are getting pain. Get the therapist to explain it to you. If you don’t understand, then ask again. Just keep asking until you understand. If you still don’t understand, find a new therapist.
You need to be able to feel inside you what’s going on, and also know what’s good and bad for it.
This puts you in control.
Focus on the things you can do, not the things you can’t do. And then get really good at them.
Work with a coach and have a program. Don’t just spin your wheels. This isn’t a time to waste until you’re better. Don’t worry about when you will be able to do ‘all the things’ again.
Use the opportunity to clean up your nutrition and/or do some meditation.
Think of the I injury as a gift or a lesson.
It’s an opportunity to understand you body better. The only body you will ever have. Yes, it makes life more challenging, but with struggle comes fulfilment. Our society is so focused on making everything easier and more convenient I can’t help but feel that this takes from our fulfilment.
Here is the article that Richard put me onto which also inspired this video blog.