5 Tips How To Train Through Winter

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By Marek

About Marek

I believe that I haven´t reached my full CrossFit potential and have plenty of room for improvement, as an athlete and as a coach. Becoming a part of Ignite brings me a step closer to fulfilling my dreams and I’ll do my best to help all of you to reach yours.
So far we’ve been enjoying warm autumn days, but the winter will eventually come.
As it is getting darker and colder it is easier for us to press the snooze button and stay in the warm comfy bed. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and staying consistent with your training is how you are going to reach your goal.
So here is quick 5 hacks how to get through this winter’s training.
1. Embrace the weather – instead of avoiding the cold, embrace it. Easy way to get over the cold is to dress more and remember that once you get exercising your body temperature will raise anyway and you’ll feel great.
2. Set a goal – YES, again! Goals are super important your training and keep moving your forward. If you are not sure how to set goal here are couple of tips from Dan . Or read Darren’s posts on journaling  
3. Stay on top of your diet – what we put into our mouth is so important, even more important than all the hard work you put into your training. Remember that we can’t out train a bad diet. PJ gives us an insights into his ideal day of eating. Also keep an eye on our blog for some delicious recipes from Nadine
4. Training buddies – humans are social beings and no one likes to be alone (ugh maybe except me), but even I find it more enjoyable to train with someone. Organise your friend, partner or a gym buddy to train with you more often. Not only do they help keep you accountable by “forcing” you to show up, but misery loves company.
5. Get a Personal Trainer – we love motivating and training people. A one-on-one session is a great way to stay on track or even to work on some extra stuff you don’t get a chance to practice when you are on your own.
Be strong and focused on what you want.