4 More Tips For Not Turning into a Blimp while Travelling

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Almost a year ago I wrote Top 4 Tips for Not Turning into a Blimp while Travelling.
Well, Im back to share with you 4 MORE tips to help you stay lean on your travels.
My previous 4 tips came from a visit I had to the Gold Coast. This trip was to the home of the ‘grande’ – the U.S of A. – Hawaii in fact.
Hawaii is different to the main land, no doubt. But yet, it is almost impossible to find decent coffee, everything is priced without tax as if to trick me into buying it and the meals and drinks served are enormous. So it’s definitely America.
It’s clear that I like holidaying in warm places and not doing much at all. Every holiday and every destination will have its own challenges.
Here are 4 More Tips For Not Turning into a Blimp While Travelling
1. Order to Share
More often than not you are eating out most meals while you are travelling. And often you will want to stop and sit down for lunch and dinner and just relax. At cafes and restaurants the meals are almost always bigger than you need.
And so it is easy to eat way more than the body needs each and everyday your away. We could be spending the next few months just trying to get back to where we were before we went away. Ouch!
Imagine how many extra calories you could accumulate in a two week vacation.
So we decided early that we would order to share. We would order an entree and a main to come at the same time and share it. It was always enough and we are big eaters because we are so active.


2. Remember All Your Hard Work
I’ve seen clients undo months even years of hard work with what they eat, drink and do on a holiday. They forget how hard they have worked to to get their body where it currently is. It just isn’t worth it.
Two weeks of letting it all go can put you back up to 12 months.
This pattern doesn’t take long to breaks most people. Having them think to themselves that it’s just not worth it, and give in to a life a having a body they aren’t happy with. You don’t need to be that person.
3. One ‘Blowout’ Meal Rule
I’m hesitant to use the term ‘blowout’ meal. But I think it is a better representation of what it is than using ‘cheat’ meal. Which makes it sound like you won’t get caught or a ‘treat’ meal which makes it sound like it’s some kind of reward. Unhealthy food should never reward.
I’m realistic and understand we want to be able to sample some of the local delicacies. Not feeling like we are in the Biggest Loser Camp. So I developed the ‘one blowout meal rule’. [For me in Hawaii it was the Cheese Burgers, hardly a delicacy I know].
The blowout meal rule states that you can eat whatever you want at a designated time.
*** The time frame will be different for everyone. It will depend on your goals and where you are in the journey towards your goal. The further you are from your goal the bigger the time frame between those meals.
4. Re-Set on Your Return
It’s easy to continue your holidaying ways on your return home trying to hang onto the good times. “Mai Tai, anyone”?
Just as you need to reset your watch on your return you need to reset your food, exercise and sleep habits. Back to what they were.  was before you went away.
It’s easy to have lost your momentum. But now you are back in reality were you need to remember what you need to do to get you to where you want to go… and do it.
It’s that simple.
That first session back will be the toughest. The longer you take to get back into it on your return the further you will fall behind and the harder it will become.
I’m a massive fan of holidays for the mind and body. It’s often not until we have a holiday that we realise just how much we needed one.
Holidays or time away from my normal routine is not only time to relax and refresh. But an opportunity to remember what’s important, what I need to do in my regular daily life to achieve it.
It’s taken me a long time to get to this point.
If you have any tips that you can add to mine I would love to hear them so please share them below in comments.
When’s your next holiday and what will you do?

  • davos

    I’m going away soon for almost a month -Spain and Italy. I’m going to try to walk as much as possible and to drink water as much as I can. That said the occassional blow out meal will probably be too much to resist.