4 Easy Tips on How to Stay Young

Fitness & Training Tips
By Marek

About Marek

I believe that I haven´t reached my full CrossFit potential and have plenty of room for improvement, as an athlete and as a coach. Becoming a part of Ignite brings me a step closer to fulfilling my dreams and I’ll do my best to help all of you to reach yours.

Recently, I read Charles Poliquin blog post “Best Seven Gems for the Mature Lifter” and I instantly knew that this is what most of our clients are interested in.

So here is my take on his post:

  1. Eat more wild meat – First of all, you can’t get much more local and organic than fish or wild meat, it is free of any antibiotics, growth hormones and other “unnatural” enhancer. Wild meat is naturally great source of lean protein, low on fat and yet higher in Omega 3 fatty acids. On top it is a good source of minerals such as iron, Zinc and vitamin B.
  2. Good body mechanics – The older your training age is, the more time you need to spend on proper movement patterns and recovery methods. There are many benefits to good movement mechanics such as joint health or the ability to lift heavier. Body is a machine, and the better you look after it, the better it works. Make sure you’re getting in your mobility sequence, take time for a massage or go and see a good physical therapist.
  3. Optimize your productivity – Chances are you are running your own business and this will consume most of your time. If you need some extra tips go and look up Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Work Week is a great way to start)
  4. Use barbells and dumbbells – Free weights are still your primary strength and muscle building tools and always give you the best result. There are studies proving that individuals training with free weights have a 60% greater strength increase and 200% greater balance than those training on machines.

I am 100% positive that if give these 4 points a try you will see and feel the benefits.