3 Keys to Using Goals To Motivate?

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By darren

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I am lucky enough to do everyday what I love. Working with motivated passionate coaches and clients who share my vision for a healthy, fit and grateful modern world. Staying abreast of best practices, implementing what I learn in my own life so that I can then teach those around me is what gets me up early on cold dark Winters mornings. I'd be keen to assist you when you are ready.
There is no doubt that fitness, which I use in it’s broadest definition is a challenging modern day pursuit.
Everyday I’m having conversations with my clients and others about fitness and how to make it work in their modern day life.
One of the biggest challenges people tell me is ‘maintaining motivation’, with so much else screaming for their attention. Especially, when they don’t really enjoy exercise and results from their efforts seem to take forever.
Hence, they lose motivation after not too long and lose their routine.
Then some time down the road months or sometimes years later something will click and they decide that they need to get back into their fitness and the cycle starts all over again. It’s a horrible yoyo cycle.
Life surely has it’s ups and downs and our fitness regime more often than not follows this same pattern.
For many, I see them fall off the band wagon when life throws a curve ball.
Be it work gets busy, we get sick, we have lost our routine due to travel or some other reason.
Staying motivated for the long term is HARD.
I believe that fitness is a delicate balance of discipline, education, being organised, motivated and building on healthy habits for the long haul.
As you can see motivation is just one of the several attributes that make us win at fitness. Today I want to dig deeper into motivation and how to successfully use goals as motivation.
From my 20 years of experience there seems to be a successful way to use goals and a less successful way. And it seems to be as much about the relationship we have with the goal as the goal itself.
So my 3 keys to using goals to motivate are
  1. Focus on the tasks that will give you the goal, not the goal itself
  2. Know what you will do after your goal expires
  3. Have smaller more regular goals
Let me dig into each one a little deeper
Let’s take the example of running a half marathon as a goal. I’ve seen lots of people use this successfully and less successfully.
  1. Focus on the tasks that will give you the goal, not the goal itself
So using our half marathon example you would first understand what time you wanted to do or maybe it’s just finishing or to not walk and then work backwards to outline what are all the things that I need to do to achieve that goal.
For example, I need to run X kilometres a week, I need to get good sleep so I recover, I need to lose a few kilos, and so on.
KEY POINT : And these are the things that you need to focus on, not the time that you want to run.
  1. Know what you will do after your goal expires
The second thing that is important to understand from the outset is what will happen after my goal?
For example, After I run my marathon Im going to maintain my 3 sessions a week, however, Im going to just continue to run once a week and the other two session Im going to start doing some bodyweight strength training.
This gives you somewhere to go next, rather than throwing all your hard work away not knowing what to do.
Of course, you may fall in love with running and decide to continue, but I find that most don’t.
  1. Have smaller more regular goals
There is often a lot of energy that happens with a goal, which is why they can work to keep you motivated.
However, this is also there greatest downfall.
Because so often after the goal is completed all the energy is gone and we are left deflated. I find the bigger the goal the more deflated. Which for most just trying to build a healthy habit I suggest smaller regular goals.
Which is why I recommend smaller and more regular goals for greater success.
Do you have any fitness goals at the moment?
If you did have a goal what would it be?
I’d be keen to hear you thoughts on your experience with goals you have set and executed and how it all turned out for you.
Please post comments below.