20 Healthy and Mindful Christmas Presents

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By darren

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I am lucky enough to do everyday what I love. Working with motivated passionate coaches and clients who share my vision for a healthy, fit and grateful modern world. Staying abreast of best practices, implementing what I learn in my own life so that I can then teach those around me is what gets me up early on cold dark Winters mornings. I'd be keen to assist you when you are ready.
It’s the time of year again where life gets busy before it finally slows down.
I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of:
  1. Hitting the shops with all those mad people.
  2. Spending money on presents that I feel is just a waste because I already have it.
My preference is to buy online where I can spend and to buy thoughtful presents that will add to someone’s life. It’s not easy to think of presents for everyone and, so created a list of present ideas that is not only mindful of not being wasted, but also in line with Ignite’s company values about health. I would be happy with any of these gifts. *hint* So, here it goes…


$130 – Squatty Potty
The squatty potty has gained some momentum in the primal community, as it moves our poo position back to a more natural squatting-I haven’t tried it, so I can’t comment. 😐
$25 – Mindful Colouring Book and Pencils
Colouring books for adults are all at rage this moment. And for good reason, it takes our mind away from our daily to do’s and takes us back to our childhood of timelessness. Everyone who I have spoken to about this present said that they would love to have one. It’s a no brainer item at $25. Don’t forget to include some decent coloured pencils and a sharpener too!
$411 – Permaculture Workshop at Redfern
For those of you serious about growing your own veggies and herbs in a sustainable way then this looks a beauty and it’s local.
$39 – Donate a goat to a community in Mozambique on your friends behalf
$396 – Four Weeks Full Access to Crossfit Ignite
We do gift vouchers on Christmas for friends (In fact, we just did one this week.) It’s a great way to get your friend started who has been ummm’ing and errr’ing about coming along and you know that they just need to stop talking about it and do it.
$85 – Set of BPA Free Glass Containers
My wife constantly reminding me that I shouldn’t be re-heating my food in plastic containers because of BPA’s. I’m not sure what BPA stands for, but I’m sure it’s no good for me, so I have been transferring to a ceramic bowl or plate and making twice the walking up. I wonder if she is reading this – *hint* *hint*
$965 – Standing Desk
I’m seriously outraged at the cost of stand up desks. So PJ and I made our own in the office of Ignite. Ask us to have a look if you are keen to make your own.
$20 – Blue Light Blockers
This is for the serious blue light avenger nerd in your life. Those who want to eradicate as much blue light as possible from their world-from bulbs to screens to glasses.
$178 – Kindle Paperwhite
For those who you just can’t get off a device then the Kindle Paperwhite is the best option. I love the smell of a new book but I also love my kindle. The Paperwhite has a specially designed screen where the light is sandwiched between the layers of the screen and shines toward the surface of the e-ink display rather than the backlit smartphones or tablets. Therefore, less light to your eyes and you can read it on the beach in Maui.
$40 – Ecoya Candles (Lemongrass and Ginger)
At Ignite we encourage a good shut down ritual at night to facilitate a better night sleep. Usage of light dimmers or lighting candles mimics the ambiance of a sunset or a camp fire being lit for thousands of years.
$310 – Cold Drip Coffee Set Up
We are seriously into cold drip at Ignite and even moving towards ‘pour over coffee’. You can definitely get cheaper options, but they are not as beautiful as this one.
$30 – Pete Evan Paleo Cookbooks
Whether you like him or not, he’s standing up for what he believes in, and he’s making an impact. I can’t help but like this guy. His cookbooks are user friendly and can be a great step towards Paleo for a newbie.
$135 – NutriBullet
This puppy is the ideal instrument for making delicious and nutritious green smoothies.
$50 – Tea Pot + Cups
I love coffee but I know I should drink more herbal tea during my week.
$99 – American Gut Project
Our guts is the centre of our universe, if our guts isn’t well then we won’t be well. You can donate your poo to science and find out what gut flora you have. This is not for everyone-I know-but I bet no one else will get this pressies for a special someone.
$229 – Slow Cooker
This is the KitchenAid slow cooker, however, you can get them in a cheaper price. These are great during the colder months to chop and drop all your meat and veggie in before you go to work and voila, it’s all ready when you get home.
$28 – Vegetable Spiralizer
This is what you need to spiralize vegetables as a replacement for pasta.
$82 – Vertical Veggie or Herb Garden
It seems that everyone is going up as space is at a premium. There is nothing like using your own herbs and veggies. It needs some care and attention, however, its flavor is great for the your soul and your health.
$30 – Travel Socks
I swear by my travel (compression) socks that I wear when flying. I used to get off at the other end feeling less than ideal with big fat Shrek feet which would take a day to recover.
$23 Photo Set
This is just a cute present and a great idea. Great for an occasion say if you have a bunch of pics from someone’s birthday or a wedding. Pics from your iPhone do just fine. Or maybe you have seen a great idea for you.
It’s important to buy yourself something for Christmas, too!
Have a mindful Christmas season!

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